A Year Counting Cards with a Professional Blackjack Player, a Priest and a $30,000 Bankroll

Photographs by Mark S. Chevalier



Blackjack Secrets Revealed

It was the #1 blackjack book on Amazon about a math-challenged sports writer who learns to count cards from a tough professional gambler who once ran the legendary MIT team that took Vegas for millions. The writer, the pro, and his priest – who religiously plays video poker every chance he gets – pool their money and make a run at every casino they can find on a cross-country trip of the U.S. It’s a funny, revealing, romp that explores such vital subjects as coffee, religion, gambling, death, having – and not having – money, aging, sex and why wine tastes better when it’s free.

Wild Cards will put any gambler in the win category. While telling a compelling story, it teaches the essential skills of navigating the casino system, such as snagging comps and avoiding detection. But even non-gamblers who hate Las Vegas will love the story and find plenty of ammunition to fuel their fear and loathing of casinos. But more than anything else, Wild Cards is an intimate personal odyssey of how the author overcomes fear and enters the shadow world of professional blackjack and the dangerous world of card counting.Wild Cards was released by Skyhorse Publishing.

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What readers are saying

“I found the book informative and — more importantly — hilarious. There were lots of characters in here that I’ve seen on my Vegas trips. And I even feel that it might help me win more the next time I hit the strip.”

– Amazon review from a customer, John

“Wild Cards works as well on your bedside table as it does in a Vegas casino before you hit the tables. Just a great read with unusually broad appeal for what initially looks like “just” a gambling book.”

– Satisfied Amazon customer