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Want to learn blackjack strategy? Schedule time with one of our pro blackjack trainers.

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Do you love playing blackjack but you’re tired of losing money? You can attend a one- or two-day seminar. Or, take a video blackjack lesson via Skype.

Video Blackjack Lessons

Schedule time with Philip Reed, the author of Wild Cards, and learn basic strategy and card counting. Each lesson is 90 minutes long and costs $100. Two hours is $150. Philip will explain basic strategy and provide tips for quickly memorizing this effective system. If you already know basic strategy, Philip can teach you count cards. In the Skype sessions he will deal to you, help you keep the count and keep track of your performance with real casino chips.

Planning a trip to Las Vegas? Philip can tell you where to find all the best blackjack games and help you design a winning trip strategy.

Blackjack Seminars

Let Bill Palis, the professional blackjack player feature in Wild Cards, teach you the same way he trained players for the legendary MIT Blackjack Team. Bill and Philip Reed, author of Wild Cards are available for one- and two-day seminars in fabulous Las Vegas or at your corporate event.

1 Day Seminar: Hands-on training to show you the best way to count cards and win money in a real casino. Bill will show you how to keep the count, how to size your bets and when to raise your bets. He will describe different counting systems and help you find the right one for you. A copy of Wild Cards and a blackjack manual for self-study will be included in with the seminar. The cost is $1,000 for one person, $1,800 for two people. Basic strategy knowledge is highly recommended.

2 Day Seminar: This includes the explanation of perfect basic strategy, card counting, using index numbers, sizing bets, avoiding detection by casino security and a visit to a real casino with a professional player. Also included is a tour of good games to play and the right casinos to visit. Cost is $2,000 for one person, $3,500 for two. Each additional person is $1,500. The course includes a copy of Wild Cards and a special blackjack training video and manual.

Special seminars and corporate speaking events are also available.